Did you know that 82% prefer live video from a brand to social posts (Source: Livestream)?  Live video is, in fact, one of the fastest marketing tools to grow your business. It captures attention in newsfeeds and people are motivated to tune in because of its authentic nature.

Therefore, leveraging live video like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories can be a game changer for your digital marketing goals. If you desire greater brand awareness, organic reach, or even new subscribers, live broadcasting can get you there.


It’s also perfect for when launching a new product or recording a live event. Actually, here are four big reasons why your brand should live broadcast on social media. Also, you’ll find tips on how to begin implementing this tool in your marketing strategy.

Authentically Connect with Your Followers

Users on social media desire authenticity and transparency from brands. Gone are the days where businesses can hide behind logos and TV ads. Today’s consumers want a human experience in order to connect with their favorite brands.

Live broadcasting is a great way to intimately engage with your audience. By hosting live Q&A sessions, you get to interact with customers and find out their needs and pain points. This is a killer strategy to learn what it is that they want so you can deliver in your content and new product initiatives.

Promote Your New Product Launch

As mentioned, going live works well for promoting your new products. The beauty here is that you can demonstrate the product while highlighting its features, benefits, and how to purchase. Viewers can ask questions, get answers, and see your product in action!

So, include in your product launch campaign live broadcasting and be sure to promote the dates to help boost participation. Share them with your email list and across your other social platforms.

Highlight Your Office Culture

Another big benefit of broadcasting live is that your followers get a chance to experience your brand’s culture. You see, you get to invite followers into your world, further humanizing your business. It’s one of the best ways to build the know, like, and trust factor.

Whether it’s a meeting, holiday party, or the company’s BBQ, go live! Take followers behind-the-scenes. Let social media see a glimpse of how you do business…and have fun while doing it. The more personal experiences you share from your brand, the more consumers will connect and stay engaged with you.

Boost Organic Reach

Did you know live videos generate on average six times more interactions than other videos (Source: Search Engine Journal)?

This is huge because Facebook algorithms focus on discussions and engagement. Therefore, your live videos have a greater chance of being seen as opposed to your other social content. If you’re struggling in generating engagement or increasing your reach on social, live video can amplify your organic reach.

Leverage this engagement by using live video to offer valuable, educational content to your audience. The good news is, your video doesn’t have to be long. Whipping out your mobile device and sharing a tip your viewers can use will only take 5 minutes. Your followers will love you for it and the algorithms will favor your content.

There are a plethora of ways live broadcasting can ramp up your social media content and strategy. Whether you desire to increase engagement, boost awareness, and amplify your organic reach, live video is the ideal tool that will get you there.

So, commit to adding live video to your social media marketing. Use it to broadcast your next event on social media. You’ll be amazed at the attention you’ll garner and how it will help to nurture your follower relationships on social.