Whenever you hear about a company building or rebuilding their brand, the discussion is all about the logo, the message, or the marketing strategy. Brand is almost universally thought of as something you project outward toward the customers. It is your image, your company’s ‘face’, what the customers see instead of what goes on ‘behind the curtain’. But how you build your brand matters to employees as well. They are the conveyors of your brand. From customer service to product development, if the attitudes and values of the people on your team don’t line up with your brand message, customers will get bad mixed signals.


Even employees who never speak to a customer or influence the product need to be in line with the brand’s central attitudes in order to understand the company priorities. Your brand is not just the face you show the world or a marketing strategy, it should be the personality of your entire company which means building your brand from the inside as well.

Brand and Company Culture

Every company has a unique culture that dictates everything from your vacation policies to the way employees speak to each other. Every working adult has known at least two or more very different company cultures by the simple nature of having worked in more than one company. Some company cultures are silly, some are serious.

Some have an unmistakable shared sense of humor between the employees and some create an environment where the work is no laughing matter. How your employees prioritize their work and the values they instill in your products and services are also part of the company culture and customers can tell, however subtly, what it’s like in your office simply by interacting with your company representatives.

So when you’re building a brand, it’s not just a motto, a color scheme, or a cartoon logo. You’re not just making decisions for the marketing team alone, you are shaping the new personality for your company culture and any existing employees may need to adjust their attitudes and approaches to business based on what you decide.

How Employees Convey the Brand

When fully considered, it’s fascinating how many ways employees can represent your brand with or without interacting with customers. Let’s say that your new brand emphasizes customer convenience. Your new motto is about convenience, your logo is a sleek doorman, and your branding emphasizes all things easy and convenient for customers. This will only remain a good selling point as long as your service and services┬áline up with the brand image.

Not only will your customer service team need to be equipped with a bevy of ways to make life more convenient for customers, but your website and app need to be conveniently smooth, your shipping needs to be nearly instant, and even your financing department should be ready to process a lot of quick-and-easy refunds.

Brand Building from the Inside Out

Everything about how your business works from top to bottom can and should be shaped by your brand. If you are a new company, your startup team and every new employee should immerse themselves in the brand personality and get into the spirit of the company culture. If you are re-branding, this may require actively inducting every current employee into the new brand with morale and team building events that help everyone adjust to the changes in priority, attitude, and even color scheme.

Go through a ceremonial changing of the banners taking out the old brand and ringing in the new one. This will help everyone embrace not just the new image, but the new company personality that comes with it.

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