Because inbound marketing is customer-centric and based on providing useful content, a successful strategy depends on whether or not your potential customers find your content. That’s why it’s essential that your marketing department knows who your potential customers are and what they need at every touch point in their buying journey.

With that information, you can provide the right content at the right stage of their journey and turn website visitors into customers and ultimately, enthusiastic promoters of your business.


What is a Customer Journey Map?

The customer journey map illustrates a person’s journey from one point to the next in their research process, ending with the purchase of a product or service. The purpose of this map is to get to know what the customers’ needs and pain points are at each stage of their journey so your business can address those needs with effective, useful content.

The customer’s journey is usually broken down into three stages:

  • Awareness is the stage in the journey where the customer recognizes there is a problem or need and does research to define it. Providing educational content that allows the prospect to do the necessary research and come up with a definition for the problem is optimal.
  • Consideration is the next stage where the customer has defined their problem or need and is researching possible solutions. Therefore, the content that best fits this stage provides educational material focused on the solutions. Formats such as podcasts, videos, webcasts and blogs are all good fits for this stage.
  • Decision is the final stage where the customer is preparing to buy a product or service based on the solution found in the consideration phase. The content that is best suited here is that which offers more insight into what your business offers. This is the point where you sell your product or service.

What is the process of Customer Journey Mapping?

Customer journey mapping begins with a customer persona. Creating a reliable persona for your business means you can create focused content that will attract new customers.

What is the value of Customer Journey Mapping?

The value of customer journey mapping is learning that your online efforts are working. By analyzing the results and information gleaned you can make adjustments and optimize your online content, improve your customers’ journeys and enhance their online experience.

Having better knowledge of what your visitors are searching for will assist you in fulfilling their needs and in turn, increase engagement and conversions. To learn more about how our Inbound Methodology can benefit your business, follow this link.