Since when do I need my smart phone to watch my big screen?  Well, actually for a while now.  Masterchef is just one of many shows engaging users in the dual screen experience. If you are a Walking Dead fan you have seen the commercials to “start your dual screen experience”, encouraging you to go online to view extra content, AMC calls this “story sync”.   The dual or rather multi-screen experience is designed to take the viewer to a new level of interaction with the show and of course build stronger viewer loyalty by having the viewer interact with the show through social media. 

This experience is obviously not for everyone; personally I always felt that it would take away from the “onscreen magic”.  Or maybe I just can’t multitask.  Either way it wasn’t for me.  That is until Masterchef encouraged me to tweet their contestants.

Masterchef is a heated competition featuring 3 judges with polar personalities terrifying the crap out of home cooks striving to be The Masterchef, what fun!

This season they have really ramped up their social engagement.  I can’t make it through an episode without tweeting at least once.  The fact that every contestant has a Masterchef twitter handle embroidered on their apron and suggested hashtags pop up on screen it is hard not to get engaged.  So whether you are @MC4Savannah or @MC4JamesN you can tweet your cheers and jeers directly to each competitor.  However I suggest you tweet @MC4Bri as she always retweets, everyone loves 15 seconds of twitter fame!

Walmart has capitalized on the social engagement this season.  In comparison to last season which featured their steaks in a pressure test, this season they have ramped it up to blatant product placement.  They have their own live twitter feed on the Masterchef website, and it is constantly mentioned how fresh their ingredients are.   It is evident that Walmart is playing to win in this new campaign platform, as there is nothing subtle about it.  The message is clear: they want to prove to North Americans that their products are Masterchef and home cook worthy.  But the true pressure test will be can the tweets translate into new customers?

If you are a Walking Dead fan you should check out story sync on the AMC website, it is compatible with smartphones and tablets. 

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