Gaining traction in the digital world isn’t as easy as following a routine path to success; rather, it’s a process of successes and failures. Part of the failures brands can avoid is stretching themselves too thin in the process of gaining visibility. In this regard, let’s explore a minimalist strategy with brand development to reach maximum potential.


Focusing on the Details

With so many different marketing channels and strategies to choose from, businesses may find it hard to choose which one to focus their resources on. There’s only so much time in the day, money in the budget, and only so many people to delegate tasks to in the process.

Take social media for example as a marketing channel; a person or team could spend countless hours developing these, and even with all this effort not reach the full potential of the 8 or so subchannels within this one marketing channel.

As with any subject in life, when a person focuses on the details, wonderful things start to develop. Unearthing a new thought or discovering a new tool within that realm is part of what makes marketing enjoyable. If a person or team dedicates themselves to focusing on the details of one platform, in order to exploit its potential, then viral results just may occur.

Viral Results with One Medium

Let’s continue with the social media example, although this is applicable to any digital marketing channel. All it really takes is viral results within one subchannel within this one marketing channel (i.e. social media, Twitter).

By focusing on developing Twitter and reaching its marketing potential, a brand may suddenly find itself going viral with: trending hashtags, retweets, likes, comments, etc. Of course, this doesn’t happen by accident; rather, it takes months and even years of focusing on the details – exploiting every bit of potential from this one single platform.

Going viral is one of the amazing benefits of using social media; this seemingly random occurrence can catapult a brand into the wonderful land of visibility and recognition, which leads to conversions at the end of their sales funnel. This occurrence doesn’t take multiple channels, rather just one, which is another reason to focus on the details of one channel.

Which Channel, and is it Exclusive?

First off, choosing one site to focus on doesn’t means completely ignoring other marketing channels or subchannels. For instance, email marketing works together with social media, and PPC advertising can be a part of the strategy within the chosen channel; and, of course, having an optimized mobile responsive website is key as well.

The idea is to choose a focal point that accentuates the brand the best. This might be Twitter, YouTube, email marketing with infographics, blogging, etc. What works for each brand is different according to what they’re marketing and their target audience.

For a graphic design service, maybe Instagram would be the best; for a tire manufacturer maybe Facebook; for a content marketing service maybe their blog through email marketing. The type of service or product and the type of audience targeting are the main factors to consider when choosing a single marketing channel to focus on.

Minimalist Strategy For Maximum Results

Narrowing down the marketing focus is a minimalist strategy in the sense that brands are able to relieve the stress of being over-extended. Trying to do too much at once is a good way to stress marketing teams out and get poor results.

Automation will only do so much, and businesses have limited resources to work with, especially startups and SMBs.

The idea is to minimize marketing channels down to one main focus, in order to get the maximum results from that single channel, with the same effort that would’ve been used on many.

Neil Patel explains this well in an article on QuickSprout called: “Why I Choose to Focus on One Marketing Channel at a Time”, written on November 8, 2016:

…when you concentrate wholeheartedly on one channel, you can give it a 100% effort. This helps you not only run your marketing campaign at a high level but also achieve the desired results faster.”


Choose a marketing channel (or subchannel) that fits the brand well, then focus on exploiting its potential for maximum results.

Build a foundation with other marketing channels, yet avoid spreading efforts to thin and not gaining traction in any.

All it takes to gain brand visibility and recognition is to reach the maximum potential of one channel; this is better done with a minimalist strategy with brand development. If interested in learning more please contact us today.