Brands and agencies are preparing for a new era – that of the 6-second ad. While 2018 may have been deemed the official start of this medium, networks including Fox have already opened inventory for brands during this year’s U.S. Thanksgiving NFL game.

These short videos will undoubtedly force poignant, creative thinking and ensure that brands and agencies alike know their subject matter. The objective is straightforward: be clear about saying one thing. These ads have direct appeal to the mobile-first populations, according to Candace Cluck, Director of Consumer Experience for Michelin North America, who mentions that “the format allows us to continue on our quest to reach a younger demographic.”

The 6-second ad format has particular appeal for brands and agencies looking to reach millennials and Gen Z consumers. They have been proven to promote greater brand recall across the board in a Google-led study. So, what’s the bottom line? 6-second videos when done right, deliver message clarity in a way that creates an emotional connection with your consumer.