In our modern world of celebrities and social media, few marketing tactics are more powerful than having an influencer on your side. Whether it’s a popular video blogger or a movie star, the right person can direct thousands of new eyes onto your brand. This is especially useful when combined with hosting events that people can get excited about.


However, most brands have also noticed that not all influencer partnerships are equally effective. This is only natural. An ‘influencer’ is a unique individual who is followed by people who agree with their style and message. Influencer marketing always has the best results when you find someone whose personality and appeal align well with your brand personality. Naturally, you want to partner with a celebrity who’s following matches your target audience, whose life naturally represents the brand, and who is genuinely enthusiastic about your products.

And when it comes to throwing events, you want your brand to fit well into their audience’s idea of a good time.


Matching Audiences

When choosing an influencer and planning events, the most important factor is audience overlap. Consider their following and your target audience as two circles on a Venn diagram. In an ideal situation, you will have 100% overlap between people who follow your influencer and people who would enjoy becoming your customers.

A brand that sells jewelry, for example, might partner with a celebrity who has a strong following with affluent women of all ages. While a brand that sells fishing lures would be much better off partnering with a celebrity featured in Field & Stream. Especially for event planning, the key is to make sure everyone who is attending to see your influencer is also a potential customer. Audience matching is exactly where the benefit of influencer marketing comes from.


Living the Brand

Of course, it’s not just about the audience. The influencer you choose to work with also needs to be on-board and personally aligned with the brand. Even if your target audience aligns with their following perfectly on paper, it doesn’t make sense to partner with a celebrity who doesn’t (and wouldn’t) use your product. Their audience is then also less likely to be interested.

This is why sneaker brands market with athletes and food brands market with famous chefs. You need an influencer who lives the lifestyle your brand supports. If you sell fashionable clothes, find an influencer who is well-known to always be stylish. If you sell organic food, partner with a celebrity who has been promoting a healthy organic lifestyle for years already.

The perfect influencer is someone who lives the brand naturally. Their audience will be better aligned and they will have a good time representing your brand professionally. For events, this should translate into how they party and interact with followers as well. Ideally, you will find someone who unwinds in a way that really connects to your audience.


The Power of Personal Enthusiasm

The final key to a great influencer partnership is enthusiasm. Audiences are very sensitive to their idols ‘selling out’ and promoting products. They will happily take a recommendation from a friend, but a ‘promo’ is considered with more suspicion. This is why you want to partner with someone who can genuinely promote your product.

Everyone has a few products they will always recommend to a friend. Their favourite brand of coffee, the best potato peeler they ever bought, or a consistently comfortable brand of shoes. As individuals, we make our recommendations casually. Bloggers will promote a product accidentally by sharing a good experience or a little practical advice. Look for influencers who can really get excited about your product and want to recommend it to their followers.


Throwing Events with Your Influencer

Finally, you need to be on the same page when it comes to promotional events. Events need to be fun and show off to attendees how great your brand is. But that doesn’t always mean the same thing from brand to brand. Your event should primarily be shaped by what your audience wants to see.

Live events are often more about promoting a lifestyle that your brand fits into. Online events, on the other hand, tend to be more focused on something like a contest, a timed donation drive, or an interactive video show. Talk with your influencer partner about what kind of events you each think would be effective. Your influencer knows their audience best, and you know your brand. Between you, there will ideally be the perfect overlapping event plan.

Influencer marketing is all about matching up with your chosen celebrity. When their audience and lifestyle fit perfectly with your brand, the events you throw together will have the biggest impact. For more tips on end-to-end marketing for your brand, contact us today!