They say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” — but what if it is broke? Sometimes you need to overhaul your brand and make a few tweaks by starting down the path toward redesign. There are many reasons that a brand could use a redesign including poor sales, negative public perception, or a drop in usage and value.

A redesign can give a business a fresh focus, a new identity, and could pump life back into your brand. How do you know if it is time to redesign your brand? Here are a few signs that let you know it is time to shake things up.


1. Competition is Way Out in Front

A brand always needs to know their competition and where they stand against them. You always want to try to stay ahead of the competition, but a redesign can help you if you happen to fall behind. People love the newness that a redesign creates, and it will create a lot of new attention that draws in consumers. A redesign can give your brand a fresh start that will allow you to catch your competitors and surpass them.

2. Logo Doesn’t Convert Well to Internet and Social Media

A redesign is necessary if your logo doesn’t convert well to a website or social media sites. The logo that appears to look good on paper may contain too much detail to translate to other platforms. Companies should adapt their logo to be suitable for online marketing. The design should be fairly simple and work well for all of your brand’s needs.

3. Customer Engagement Levels are Low

Are customers engaging with your brand as much as you would like? A brand wants their users to take action and engage with their brand in every way. The consumers should be sharing content on social media, clicking on pages, and commenting on articles and posts. If the customer engagement is lower than expected, then it may be time for a redesign.

4. Your Brand is Outdated

A redesign is necessary sometimes simply because the brand is outdated. Industries tend to evolve over time, and companies need to make changes to evolve with the industry. A new trend will be just around the corner, and many new brands will be there with a design that fits that trend and age. The same old look won’t always catch the eye of the consumer without at least making some minor tweaks and changes.

5. The Results Just Aren’t There

If you are seeing low conversion rates, decrease in value, a drop in usage, less signups, and poor sales after monitoring your performance, then a brand must redesign. A brand creates objectives to help them reach goals, and a redesign could help low-performing brands function better at higher levels. Make the necessary changes for a redesign in order to surpass a satisfactory level and to perform better.

6. Your Customers Are Telling You That it is Time

A brand should always listen carefully to their consumers, especially when they are telling you that it is time for a redesign. Customer data, feedback, and reviews are all helpful for letting brands know where they stand. Listen to your customers carefully and figure out exactly what they are looking for.

A brand should always be aware of their reputation among their peers and customers, and understand when a redesign is necessary to succeed. Each brand has a certain shelf life before a redesign should be implemented to stay up-to-date with customers and their competitors. If your brand is experiencing any of the six things mentioned in this article, then it may be time to make some tweaks by redesigning.