The team at Mindshape Creative Brand Marketing is proud to receive the 2017 Canadian Enterprise Award for ‘Most Innovative Marketing Consultancy – Ontario’.

The 2017 Canadian Enterprise Awards recognize the game-changers; they’re awarded to agencies and organizations across Canada who push the envelope to create rich, vibrant experiences in Canadian marketing culture. These prestigious awards focus on innovation and competitiveness, celebrating the hard work of both teams and individuals.

Being the recipient of the Most Innovative Marketing Consultancy – Ontario award solidifies Mindshape’s creative approach in the Canadian market. David Brown, President of Mindshape, says that “our client service philosophy is built on a culture of passion. This is a fundamental belief built into the hearts and minds of our team.” It is this teamwork that has been rewarded with an Enterprise Award.

As we continue to provide high-quality marketing and creative materials to brands across Canada and the United States, our commitment to be on the cutting-edge of new industry trends has never been more important to us. With 20 years of proven experience, we’re continuing our tradition of being a step ahead of the rest.

At Mindshape, we continue to go above and beyond for our clients. With the recent introduction of our Inbound Marketing program, we now offer a full range of marketing, design and strategic options for your business. Our next award-winning marketing campaign could be yours – partner with Mindshape and maximize your marketing potential.

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