At last check there was some 231,000,000 Google search results for “online marketing”, a term that is as ambiguous as tube socks. Yet leading marketers are still scratching their hard drives and asking how is Twitter relevant to my brand (FYI follow me @David_Mindshape ) and isn’t Facebook for my 13 year old daughter? The writing is no longer on the wall, it’s on Digg or Linkedin.

The advice we give our client’s is either continue with what doesn’t threaten you and stay safe in your cold marketing cave or get out, take a chance and discover fire. If you’re not prepared to stray too far from that safe little cave, there are e-crocodiles out there, allocate a trial budget to a well planned e-marketing or online initiative. With major brands using Twitter for customer support (Ford, Wells Fargo and Whole Foods ) the ability to connect and serve with customers is unlimited. Each move will get you one step closer to discovering fire, and we all know who survived and who perished!