It’s a marketing director’s dream: imagine having access to everything you wanted to know (but were afraid to ask) about splitting atoms or deep frying Mars bars. Last night while Larry King was desperately trying to cover the Tiger Woods ‘cheater or cheated’ story and the Salahi’s White House party crashing exposé, 20 million people had already scanned You Tube for the latest videos – not to mention being exposed to over a dozen ads per view. Sorry Larry, but when the average consumer wants their daily dose of sublime content they’re not going to sit in front of their oversized, over financed flat screen TV’s – a marketing director’s nightmare. No, they’re going to their preferred social media network and pushing out links and feeds to their personal network – a marketing director’s dream. When I dream about creating our client’s perfect brand promotion or B2B product launch I dream about a connected hub of like minded people who feel empowered to share what they have just experienced with their peers or colleagues (it’s perfectly natural, we all dream about work). Image your two minute commercial, infomercial or product demo being broadcast for free, advertising impressions are systematically tracked and you only pay if a prospective buyer clicks on your ad. Now integrate that same video (commercial) post with a social media campaign that goes viral within 48 hours of launch. Time to stop dreaming, from ball bearing maintenance video’s like Sima-Tool’s to full consumer promotions from Mountain Dew, social media campaigns are changing how marketers reach their audience. I recommend you wake up to one of the most persuasive mediums available today. Good night John Boy!