Facebook marketing has become one of the primary forms of Inbound Marketing for today’s businesses. It’s a fantastic place to connect with your customers, find out what they really want, and make sure that your business is at the front of the line when it comes to attracting customer attention.




Having a Facebook account just to have it, however, won’t accomplish much – so make sure you’re paying attention to these critical best practices for Facebook marketing.

1. Gather Data

There’s a huge amount of data available concerning what customers are really looking for when it comes to your Facebook marketing strategy – but none of that data has been collected from exactly your buyer personas and your target customers.

As you’re developing your Facebook marketing strategy, make sure that you’re consistently collecting data from your customers and changing your strategy to reflect their needs. This includes:

  • Determining what posting consistency works best for your customers. Hint: some customers will be more likely to spend large quantities of time on Facebook during the day, while others may only check in once or twice a week.
  • Choosing what topics you post about. Some businesses will choose to be industry-specific, while others may branch out to other topics that are of interest to their customers.
  • Discovering the types of content. Long-form posts versus short ones, links, infographics, images, and others that are the most likely to encourage interaction from your customers.

2. Maintain Consistency

Your Facebook account is one of the many public faces of your business. Like a store window, it should showcase what customers will actually find when they interact with your business. No matter what marketing channels you’re using, your business should maintain certain guidelines that remain consistent across all of them.

If you answer daily when your customer service department receives an email, you should give the same attention to Facebook messages or wall posts. Keep the tone of your posts familiar. Make sure that your profile picture is a recognizable symbol of your company: the company logo is an excellent choice.

This habit of consistency will help shape the way customers view your business and ensure that they’re getting the same experience every time they interact with your company.

3. Use Images

Images on Facebook and other social media sites attract up to 39% more engagement–perhaps because they are more likely to attract attention when customers are randomly scrolling through their timelines. Ideally, you want your images to carry the same message as the rest of your content: a positive view of your brand that will help influence the way customers view you.

4. Remember SEO

You want your Facebook page to be just as SEO-friendly as your website. Potential customers are using both Facebook search and Google search to help find businesses just like yours. For this reason, you should use some practical SEO tips like:

  • Choosing a memorable URL that will make it easier to find your business later.
  • Using descriptive keywords in the permanent pages for your business: the About section, for example.
  • Selecting the right category for your business so that it will be easy for customers to find you.

5. Interact With Your Customers

Facebook is the perfect platform, not just for presenting information to your customers, but for interacting with them. You can ask them questions and read over their answers, respond to their questions and concerns, and use their feedback to improve your brand in the future.

Whether you create your own group, manage regular physical or online events, or simply interact on your brand’s page, Facebook offers many opportunities to give your customers more of the things they need. The more you interact positively with your customers, the better their opinion of your brand will be–and the higher the likelihood that they will choose your business for their future needs in your industry.

Navigating the difficult waters of social media can be challenging. Following these basic Facebook best practices, however, will prevent you from holding back your Facebook marketing efforts and ensure that you are better positioned to make the most of your profile.

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