Computers are so deeply a part of our daily lives that we now seamlessly interact with interfaces like Siri and Alexa. We ask them questions, and they respond immediately with a valid answer. We now use tools like these to help us choose dinner, buy items, and control appliances around our homes.


We have officially entered the age of artificial intelligence. On a consumer level, this technology has been growing exponentially. But how can businesses use artificial intelligence to bring their marketing strategy to the next level? Read on to learn about how you can integrate AI in your marketing.

Personalize your customer’s experience

When a customer visits your website, you can impress them with a standout customer experience using artificial intelligence. To do this, you can use algorithms to analyze data about that specific user, and use that information to provide them with personalized offers tailored specifically to their wants and needs. In addition, with these tools you can specialize push notifications to make them more personal.

This can create a meaningful customer experience, because your perspective customers are shown marketing messages that have been designed to provide solutions to their specific problems.

Create helpful chat botsĀ 

You can use chat bots on your website or on social media platforms to answer general customer service questions, or do customer research. Facebook and Twitter have pre-programed chat bots, and also offer ones that you can customize to your own needs.

Program chat bots to offer potential customers quizzes or questions so you can easily determine their preferences and use that info to push them in the right direction. Chat bots can also answer questions, provide product information, and prompt users to enter information into the system.

Generate content using AIĀ 

This might seem like science fiction, but in certain applications, artificial intelligence is perfectly capable of creating content that sounds like it was written by a human. Gartner, Inc., a technology research and insights firm, predicts that in 2018, 20% of content will be generated by artificial intelligence, and that number will only keep increasing.

If you want to see how content generated by artificial intelligence works, Automated Insights is offering a free beta version of its natural language generation platform, Wordsmith. Basic product descriptions, and even general email content can be created by AI, which saves your human marketers a lot of work.

Predict what your customers will do next

As artificial intelligence gathers more specific data on your customers, it can help to predict the types of behaviors they will engage in. You can also use this for predictive lead scoring, which is the process of using AI and a point system to predict which leads are a point in their buyer’s journey where they’re ready to be converted.

Based on their past behaviors and their history, you can predict which customers are willing and able to buy right away.

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we interact with the world around us, and marketing is no different. As computers get more and more intelligent, we can use their programming to make predictions about what customers will do, and what they want and need from businesses.

We can also use these programs to do a lot of the “grunt work” that marketers were forced to do in the past, like writing product descriptions. Although it’s still in its infancy, it’s time for marketers to start paying attention to artificial intelligence. These great tools can give you a leg up on the competition and instantly provide you with information and insights that once took months, or even years to acquire.

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