Driving traffic to a business website is a difficult proposition, exponentially more so in highly competitive market niches. You can follow all the highly specific, ever-evolving guidelines of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) across all of your content, and get a substantial leg-up, of course. But true long-term growth comes from posting content that people find useful, on an individual level.


For consumer-facing blogs, this means providing a healthy mix of two different schools of blog content: some up to date news that harnesses spikes in traffic, and a large bedrock of useful evergreen content.


What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content are posts that avoid short-term topics almost entirely, instead focusing on providing readers with information that is at as useful today as it will be several years from now.

Even if initial traffic is slow compared to the more up-to-date news content, these evergreen blog posts prove their value by encouraging consistent pageviews, which help boost overall search rankings due to the consistent utility your business blog has for users over time.

Without evergreen content, business blogs will find their blogs to have an incredibly short shelf life unless new posts are constantly being churned out. This keeps blog expenses higher than necessary, weighting their cost/benefit analysis towards the “cost” end and limiting their usefulness as marketing tools.


How to Choose Evergreen Topics

When working on ideas for evergreen blog posts, first consider the type of customer your marketing most needs to reach out to. This should open up a world of possibilities, as you are not necessarily limited to topics directly related to your business but have room to craft content based on the broader interests of the types of people you are selling to.

Just as evergreen content works best as the bedrock for at least a handful of news-oriented posts, it’s a good idea to mix up several broad types of evergreen content. With SEO, you want to cast your net a bit wide, as focusing on the same topic repeatedly over a range of content tends to be ineffective.

When deciding what types of content to focus on, generally you’ll want a good mix of both broad and niche evergreen blog posts.


Choosing Broad Evergreen Topics

Broad concepts serve to pull in a diverse selection of readers from your target demographic. While these are not the most efficient posts in terms of converting solid new leads, they help your search ranking immensely and build up positive associations with your brand.

Here are some examples of broad evergreen topics that appeal to various demographics:

  • Corporate travel tips, to attract representatives of B2B businesses looking for new vendors
  • Holiday planning guides for families, to pull in clicks from parents and grandparents
  • Marketing tips, for businesses in search of better ideas for advertisements that your business could provide
  • Exercise advice for your target demographic, be it busy parents, working millennials, traveling businessmen
  • When to Publish Niche Evergreen Topics
  • Niche posts will drive less traffic, but with the right keyword approach to SEO and high quality content, they will lead to the most direct conversions from your blog to your contact page.

Here are some ideas for niche evergreen blog posts:

  • Listing the top (X) books to learn about your product or service niche
  • In-depth reviews of products or services that remain relatively static for many years, such as certain types of heavy machinery
  • History of (X) posts
  • How-to articles on specific concepts related to your business
  • Originality is Key
  • Creating evergreen posts is, frankly, difficult! Rather than transcribing new news and simply adding a bit of commentary or background, evergreen posts must at once be accessible to read yet informative in crucial ways that continue to drive traffic.

Whether creating a broadly targeted post that serves primarily to pull in new traffic, or a niche post that repeatedly draws in new readers likely to convert to leads, the key to great evergreen content is originality.

By crafting content with a perspective and attention to detail that can’t be found easily elsewhere, your marketing blog’s return on investment will drastically improve.