Rebranding is always a hectic and exciting time for any company, and it’s important to handle it correctly. Often a rebranding targets a new or broader audience, but of course you still want to keep all your existing customers as well and welcome them to your new company design. Quiet replacement of shelf items with new logos is disconcerting and can alienate long time customers who knew you under the previous brand.


The best way to both spread the word about your new brand and help your loyal customers accept the change is to celebrate it! When the rebranding is a shared happy experience, everyone will permanently associate the new design with engagement and fun, while at the same time allowing loyal customers to fondly remember the old brand as it fades out.

Make it Memorable

The rebranding process is amazing and your customers need to know that. Announce your rebranding everywhere and give the marketing campaign its own slogan along the lines of “We Do Things Differently” or “Look out World, Here We Come”.

Many of your existing clients are used to the old design and may wonder why you’re rebranding. Give them an exciting reason and make it clear you intend to go above and beyond in quality and service wearing your beautiful new brand. This will not only reassure your old clients that they can continue to rely on your company, but it will also attract new customers who are equally excited about your vision of the future.

Throw a Promotional Event

There’s no better way to make a big change than with a truly spectacular party. Throw a company bash big enough for several hundred old and new clients to attend and prominently use your new brand as the theme. Preparing for and announcing the rebranding party effectively doubles as marketing for your new brand and creates a permanent connection between your old and new identities.

The party itself celebrates the exchange and welcomes staff and old clients to reminisce on things they enjoyed about working under the old brand and to share their hopes for what the new brand may hold. They will enjoy gathering, dancing, and laughing together, all the while building a stronger foundation for customer relations. As a final bonus, the video and pictures taken at this highly publicized party will fuel your company culture marketing for at least a year providing dozens if not hundreds of candid shots of happy staff and customers celebrating your new brand.

Say Goodbye To the Old Design

A great way to ring out the old design and welcome the new one is to depict them passing the torch. Naturally, the shape and form of your logos will determine how this can be accomplished, but creativity can make most marketing goals possible. From somber poetry to silly costumes, the handing-off method should be tailored to the personality of your company and the tastes of your audience. With many of your customers still more strongly associated with the old brand, the important thing is that you highlight the change with pride and approval.

Rebranding may take a lot of work, but it can also be an incredible amount of fun. The best way to introduce the public to your new brand while reassuring your loyal customers that you still care is to throw the biggest rebranding celebration any of them have ever seen. The marketing, planning, and resulting assets from this endeavor will serve as a large portion of your net rebranding efforts, spreading the word and building a joyful reception for your new brand before it’s even out of the gate.