Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing online, rivalling social media and search engine advertising. When performed correctly, email marketing can lead to astronomical response rates. It is always been an effective way to transmit information and create the conditions perfect for sales. It is cost-effective and essentially free rather than paid ads or other paid means of traditional sales and marketing, online or offline.


However, email marketing has changed over the years and you can use this to your advantage. No longer are nameless faceless emails being created in the hopes of selling to unknown audiences hoping for huge sales conversions out of nowhere. Many of these tactics were ineffective and there are newer practices that  perform much better than the emails of the past.

Personalization and Scheduling

With the introduction of spam laws, the personalization of emails became a necessary practice for anyone using emails to sell anything online. The personalization of emails has a distinct advantage over spam as you can send a specific message directed towards a targeted individual. In this way you can communicate in ways that explain exactly what you uniquely offer to a specific individual or business, addressing their “signature needs” precisely.

The scheduling of emails along a timeline, including follow-up emails and drip campaigns,  is another way email has you evolved.  The use of scheduled emails also permits the retargeting of recipients,  and it has long been known that 80% of customers come after being approached several times after the initial contact.

The open and click rates in email campaigns can be improved by A/B testing during the start of campaigns to find out what different emails will do better. In an A/B testing scenario, several emails are used and the results of each are compared against each other at the onset of the campaign. The more effective emails are discovered and used for the remainder of the campaign to increase not only open and click rates but the conversion rates themselves.

Web communications are unique in the fact that they can generate a response from a user-friendly, internet-based peer-to-peer conversational style, which you cannot find in traditional marketing or advertising methods. There are many ways that companies can generate data when creating information that can be utilized when developing a specific peer-to-peer approach.

Buyer Personas, Website Data, and Pain Points

The development of buyer personas is one step in the creation of email marketing that can’t be overlooked. You have to know who your audience is and who you are talking to when you send a personalized email. Finding out the details of the company or individual you are looking to persuade will help you develop a unique selling point that can be used in the introduction part of your email quite effectively.

Throughout the body of an email facts and statistics gathered from information based on website usage, customer surveys, and the specific needs of the customers of the company you are emailing can all be used to help convey the message and address the specific points about solutions that you may offer to a company.

Identifying the pain points of any specific individual or business are also effective when attempting to sell a product or service to that business, as you can match what your company offers to that which they may need a solution for with pinpoint accuracy. Using this information when crafting an email, you can reach your target effectively a great deal of the time.

The Future of Email Marketing

Ideally it is a combination of different types of information  mixed with a personalized approach that will often sway most prospects into doing business with your company.  In the past email  marketing did not take a lot of these approaches or ideas into account. However, there is the current trend to take any and any and every opportunity to use all of the information available online and combine it with personalized, scheduled email campaigns that are designed to optimize the process of email  marketing and use it to its full advantage.

Email is just as vital as it always was, even more so, and personalized email campaigns are well-received by businesses and consumers alike when well-presented with a clear and distinct message handcrafted just for them. Far from being dead, email marketing is not going away and will remain the mainstay of internet marketing for the foreseeable future.