When coming up with a marketing campaign, knowing your audience is critical. The colors, shapes, images, and messages included in your promotional assets have an effect on those who see it, and your natural goal as a marketer is to appeal to people who will enjoy your product or service.

Keeping the experience of your customer in mind, both in the buying process and in their use of your product, will help to increase sales and create happy-to-return customers.




Designing for Interest Groups

Getting to know the Buyer Personas for any product or service should be step number one for both marketers and designers. Knowing the kind of people who are mostly likely to purchase from you should influence the way your product is sold. It should also factor into the product itself.

If your Buyer Personas enjoy minimal, easy-to-use interfaces and intuitive design, they’re going to be immediately turned away by bulky, text-filled screens or print ads. On the flipside, if your Personas enjoy descriptive and fleshed-out experiences, going too minimal may scare them away. Design should be the first thing your customer notices, and that experience should be a positive one.

Designing for Use

When’s the last time you said “never mind” to a new product or service, based solely on the idea that it was too complex? It happens more than you think, and it’s the bane of many marketer’s existence.

The design process should be unique and flow as a single thought, from the top of the marketing funnel to the day-to-day use of the product or service. Creating a positive feeling or emotional response tied to a product increases the likelihood that your customers will become life-long promoters of your brand.

A marketer’s job is to capture some of that emotional response in the content drawing customers to your product. Giving them a taste of what life with your product would be like can capture customers better than most other strategies.

Designing to be Different

Chances are you aren’t the only company in your industry offering what you do – your competitors are out there, trying new things and drawing your customers to them. Marketers and designers should be aware of those awesome traits that make you stand out.

Highlight those traits in your marketing efforts to show how you stand out; connect those benefits to the content you share in print and digital efforts; interact with your audience using those traits. Developing a brand personality is a key component in successful marketing.

The sooner you start incorporating aspects of design strategy into your marketing efforts, the faster you’ll see returns. Linking an experience throughout your marketing efforts, that continues throughout the use and design of your product, creates brand promoters out of your customers.

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