Your brand is who you are. It’s your identity to consumers, regardless of where you do business. Developing a brand system involved a fully-integrated strategy that considers all of the branches of your business.

Your Story

You need to figure out how to tell your story. Who are you? What do you do? What is your unique selling proposition? All of these things need to be a part of your story because they make up your brand. Your target audience should be a factor as well because you want to make sure that your story connects with those you are trying to sell to.


The Branches of Your Business

The brand that you have within your storefront should be the same brand online, within your catalog, and within any other branch of business that you conduct. There may be small variations, though anyone who looks at your brand, regardless of the branch, should be able to identify you. If there is a significant disconnect, it can impact your ability to maintain unity. You don’t want customers to get confused as to what you offer. You also want to make sure that they understand all that you can do for them across all of the branches.

By having a core strategy, you can make sure that all of the branches are encompassed within the designs that you use. You may even choose to have slightly different logos based on different demographics that you are approaching or variations of your business. For example, if you have a primary colored logo for your adult products, you may want to do a pastel version of the same logo for baby products. If you are a for-profit business but you run a non-profit branch, you may want to have a slight variation within your logo between the two so that people understand the connection but also understand that there are some differences.

Establish Strategies

A number of different strategies will need to be created in order to establish a brand identity while also developing the brand across all of the branches. This includes maintaining a web presence, creating online and off-line designs, as well as experiential and social marketing solutions.

You need a usable brand strategy with clearly defined objectives. Working with marketing professionals will ensure that you strategize and activate the right brand. This includes exploring such things as:

  • Naming
  • Experience journey mapping
  • Creative platforms
  • Employee engagement
  • Digital engagement

Create Immersive Marketing Programs

It can be difficult to remain relevant in today’s constantly changing world. If you suddenly become irrelevant, you run the risk of not being able to compete with your competition. This is when it’s critical for you to create immersive marketing programs. These allow you to dive headfirst into everything from content creation to customer engagement. It will allow you to position your brand more effectively within your market. It will also allow you to become highly valued.

You don’t want to get into a situation where you are over your head when it comes to your brand identity. By working with marketing professionals, a strategy can be created for you. This includes identifying everything that makes you unique so that they are captured within your brand. Further, the brand strategies need to span across all of the different branches of your business. It will allow you to have a unified front in the marketplace so that more people know who you are and what you have to offer.

Contact Mindshape today to learn more about strategizing, designing, and integrating your brand to ensure that your business is supported across all branches. We look forward to introducing you to Brand360 methodology, an exclusive way to create and transform brands that we have been working on for over 25 years.