If you are looking to reach working and educated professionals with your message, LinkedIn is the best online community to use. On average, LinkedIn users hold higher levels of education while earning more income than their counterparts on other social networks. Targeting this audience with the right content at the right time can be an especially valuable marketing tool.


Maximizing your impact on LinkedIn requires a little finesse; the professional social network may seem similar to Facebook, but marketing to your audience requires a different approach. Below are four ways to elevate your marketing presence on LinkedIn to effectively reach future customers.

1. Focus On Your Brand Page

As with most social networks, your first step should be setting up and optimizing your LinkedIn company page. Doing this correctly can impact your success rate, and ultimately increase lead conversions.

LinkedIn allows companies to use its network as a marketing, prospecting, and recruiting tool. The best course of action is to focus on one of these three options and build your brand page accordingly. If your company already uses LinkedIn for recruiting, consider a showcase page specifically for your marketing efforts.

Don’t be afraid to check out other brand pages; see how successful LinkedIn marketers are setting their pages up to get inspiration for your own.

2. Publish Relevant Content

So you’ve built your page following the best practices, but what comes next? It’s time to start focusing on the content you’ll create. Remember: across all social platforms, visuals matter. In fact, visual content such as images, graphics, or videos will receive more engagement among viewers versus traditional text posts.

Make sure your posts provide both relevance and context. Most posts on LinkedIn are professional in nature, and are aimed at the audience’s career experience and professional interests. Your content should fall into those same broad contexts, but don’t hesitate to get creative inside of that framework.

3. Connect your Personal and Business Brand

LinkedIn has some immensely useful functions, but most are limited to personal accounts. Individuals can participate in relevant discussions, but business pages cannot reach out and speak one-on-one with LinkedIn users.

To add that personal touch to your brand page, don’t hesitate to connect your personal account to your brand page. Optimize your own profile to clearly highlight your affiliation with the brand you’re promoting. From there, reach out when people ask questions, or join groups and lead discussions on your industry.

Quick word of caution: this method only works if your emphasis is on creating relationships and sharing valuable information, not on sales. Being too pushy can turn your customers away. There is value in the credibility this method creates.

4. Effectively Use Paid Functions

Don’t underestimate the value of paid marketing on LinkedIn; you can promote every piece of content to place it in front of larger audiences. LinkedIn is a content-first network, but traditional dedicated advertising designed to drive traffic to your main website can create conversions.

LinkedIn’s advertising feature is high-impact because it allows for detailed targeting. You can narrow in on your ideal, revenue-driving buyer persona by segmenting your audience and increasing the ad’s relevance to that group.

Marketing your company on LinkedIn has the potential to be immensely successful – only as long as your know how to build on your pre-existing marketing strategy. Contact Mindshape today to learn more.