A positive customer experience is more than just providing exceptional customer service and solving customer problems quickly and efficiently. It’s about having a great impression on a customer throughout every phase of the customer journey. 68% of marketers make building a great online reputation and investing in customer experience their main focus. They’re beginning to put more effort and funds into CX and ensuring top-notch CX throughout every phase of the marketing funnel. By putting customers first and meeting their demands across all marketing channels, marketers can deliver exceptional experiences across all touchpoints. From there, businesses can benefit greatly from providing good customer experience because it builds trust and loyalty, ensuring that customers will keep coming back for more of your products and services.

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Customer experience is how customers view your brand and how much (or how little) they’ve enjoyed their interactions with your company. Whether it’s navigating your website, entering your brick-and-mortar location, or engaging with you on social media, customers will form opinions of your brand, which will influence their decisions, whether it’s to make a purchase or – to your dismay – go with a competitor.


Exceptional customer experience is the difference between losing a potential/existing customer and gaining/retaining one. When it comes to marketing, big data, mobile, social media, and content creation are key aspects of this. But customer experience is a sperate tactic that adds a unique value to the marketing world. Why? Because the customer is king. Not satisfying your customers or providing them with any well-received experience can be detrimental to your business.

Here’s why enhancing customer experience is essential to your brand:


When a customer forms an opinion about a particular brand, they tend to base it on how that brand made them feel. For example, a potential customer enters a retail store and notices that the lights are dim and relaxing music is playing. Inviting scents fill the air. Retail staff greats the customer in a friendly and inviting manner, making the customer feel comfortable and at home. Because of how the retail ambiance made the customer feel, they are more willing to buy something from that store, even if it’s a high-priced item – 64% of customers find the customer experience more important than price when making a purchase. The excellent retail experience has made such a great impression on the customer that they plan to shop at the store again, and maybe even bring their friends (more potential sales and customers!).


Consumers aren’t likely to do business with you if they’ve had a negative experience with your brand, in fact, 44% of consumers take their business elsewhere due to poor customer experience. This means that you could lose potential (and even existing) customers if you fail to provide them with an exceptional customer experience across all of your channels. In addition, a customer who has had a poor experience with a brand is likely to post about it online; Facebook, Reddit, Trip Advisor, etc. The more negative experience reviews that your company has online could affect potential consumers from shopping at your store.


54% of consumers all across the globe say that they have higher customer service expectations than they did just one year ago. With technology advancing and evolving, consumers have come to enjoy the benefits of fast experiences, intuitive user interactions, and usability across multiple devices. A slow-loading website may seem like an IT and web design problem, but it can be a customer experience problem as well. The same goes for difficult website navigation, incompatibility with mobile devices, and multiple error pages. Your company website is often the first impression your brand will have on your potential customers. Bad customer experience on your website can drive visitors away and thus, decrease the chances of you making a sale. Consumers want answers to their questions and solutions to their problems fast, with little to no effort on their part.

All in all, creating and sticking to a customer experience strategy nowadays is essential for every brand. It is necessary to include this strategy across all platforms and touch points that your current and future customers could come across. By doing so, you can cause an increase in your customer retention rate while acquiring new customers as well.