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4 Effective Strategies for Dealing with Customer Complaints Online

If you own a business, whether it’s small, mid-size or a large enterprise organization, you have experience dealing with customer complaints. But are you giving your customers (and prospective customers) what they want when you answer their questions or attempt to solve their problems? What You Don’t Know About Customer Complaints Could Be Hurting Your…


4 Ways Your Digital Marketing Strategy Can Create a Seamless User Experience

Having a seamless digital strategy is important to the overall success of your marketing campaign. If the customer experience you’re offering isn’t the same across all your marketing channels, then your audience will view your brand as inconsistent. And not having brand consistency is sure to prevent your business from reaching its full potential. 90%…


Three Rules for Retail Marketing in 2019

As 2019 begins, the retail marketing industry is preparing for major disruption. While retail marketing will always be about the customer experience first and foremost, there are a number of insightful new trends that will shape how customers interact with retail brands. Digital marketing has been embedded in the retail industry for some time, but…


5 Reasons Why Your Business Could Benefit From A Mobile App

In 2018, businesses are reaching new levels of success by pushing innovation within their organization. This essentially allows businesses the opportunity to strengthen their position in the market. This is especially the case when it comes to mobile applications. More businesses are realizing the benefits of having a mobile app for their business. Consumers spend…