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Using Content Marketing in Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy

While traditional marketing targets more general prospects, account-based marketing (ABM) requires a different approach. Rather than trying to acquire new leads from a large population of prospects, account-based marketing, or ABM, focuses on meeting the needs of a very specific audience. As a way for account-based marketers to reach their audience in an emotional, beneficial,…

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Watch For These 2019 Trends In The Consumer Packaged Goods Sector

In today’s dynamic market consumers have a high expectation of service and quality products. They want instant gratification and it is literally right at their fingertips. Through social media, reviews, feedback, and ratings they are able to discover if the product is right for them. Millennials, in particular, have matured into a fast-paced generation who…

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Using an Emotion-Based Strategy to Strengthen Your Brand

A customer’s interaction with your brand involves a mix of emotional and rational responses. A business should always focus on both, of course, but it should especially understand how today’s online social environment primes the market for emotion-based strategies. The Science of Emotions: Use Data to Pinpoint Emotional Motivators Researchers have worked hard to understand…