Who can you count on?

You may have heard some of the fallout recently over a new advertising campaign from Mr. Sub.  Dubbed “not everyone likes surprises,” these spots place an adult male in a ‘surprising’ situation followed by the suggestion that you can “count on Mr.Sub.”  For what, we’re not sure. Mercifully pulled due to public response, one execution…



What a great time to be in marketing

That doggy’s tail just keeps on getting bigger… That’s why I get out of bed every morning, well one of the reasons. What a great time to be in marketing. Just when the big brand players recognized consumers were wagging their tails at those mass linear ad campaigns and demanding more choice, more features and…


Marketing Shift

At last check there was some 231,000,000 Google search results for “online marketing”, a term that is as ambiguous as tube socks. Yet leading marketers are still scratching their hard drives and asking how is Twitter relevant to my brand (FYI follow me @David_Mindshape ) and isn’t Facebook for my 13 year old daughter? The…