As Q1 of 2012 draws near there is much buzz about the mobile/social stats released from 2011. It is very apparent that we are well into the tipping point of a cultural shift towards cross-platform digital media consumption. This rings true for the B2B and B2C sectors.

At this very moment – in a store, in a company boardroom, in an airport, walking down the street – someone is on their mobile device researching a purchase decision and/or brand. This might be through a news app, a direct website entry, a mobile site with product reviews or engaging in social conversations through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc… Regardless of the scenario, there is no question that we are becoming constantly connected and are evolving in how we research and interact with brands.

We have compiled some of the key stats to take note of while considering your mobile and social marketing initiatives.

Click to Enlarge Infographic 2011 Mobile and Social Media Stats