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Each month, over 32 million people listen to podcasts. For a growing number of influencers and marketers, Podcasts are a cost-effective and impactful way to engage with audiences.

We’ve shared best practices from our Brand Engagement team below for those considering podcasts.

  1. Be mindful of the length of each podcast. The majority of podcasts are 30 minutes but research shows that listeners prefer episodes that are closer to 16 minutes. Generally, listeners are commuting while listening to podcasts so an understanding of average commuting times will help define an appropriate length.
  2. Treat a podcast like other digital content. The success of your podcast will depend on how it is shared. The best podcasts are shared on social networks, e-blasts and in digital ads.
  3. Set benchmarks and measure your success. Every podcast is different so we recommend looking for your favourite examples and setting goals to achieve similar outcomes over time.

For those just stepping into the podcast space we recommend taking a look at this List of 50 Podcasts. Following these best practices and finding a strategy that suits your brand will help you maximize the return on your investment in podcasts.