A victory for Canadians moms! Today’s plugged-in moms are the most social consumers you will meet, as reported by 2013 Canada Social Mom report. They are more digitally engaged and connected than ever before  – utilizing multiple social media platforms. They represent the fastest growing user segment in smartphone usage – with tablet usage among moms nearly up 100% over the past year.

As a BUSY, full time working mom of 3 kids under the age of 8 – I am proud to part of this statistic.  Time is our most precious and valued commodity when it comes to being a working parent – as there never seems to be enough time to get it all done. In today’s digital age – the information and resources that we need have become much more readily available – easy to access on our schedule – 24/7. Saving us time to focus on the bigger picture, the precious little moments with our wee ones – as we all know time passes too quickly.

Moms as a target group are social creatures – which has simply extended to our online behaviour – sharing parenting tips and design inspiration, posting favourite recipes, family photos and of course streaming the latest videos/TV programming. Being more social – more digitally connected is now part of our makeup – a key element in the regular routine of daily life. My only wish is that the next digital advancement would be an APP to stop time – so that we can truly relish the little moments in life.