If your mailing list has  50,000 subscribers, you might be giving your marketing team a pat on the back for a job well done.
However, if the same brand has 50,000 fans on Facebook, it might not necessarily mean a massive success.

Just like how mailing list campaigns are truly measured by open rates and click-through rates, the success of social media campaigns rely on something more than just page likes.

So what metrics should you be using to measure your brand’s success?

It’s all about Engagement
It’s not uncommon to be obsessed about page likes… I mean after all, isn’t it exciting when you reach a nice new milestone with fans? It sounds awesome but is that really a big deal? Short answer: sort of, but not really.

The main reason: engagement.

Sometimes extremely large fan pages might see posts that feature an extremely low amount of post likes, comments and shares.  That would be a page that has bad engagement. Whether you have 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000 fans… you want to make sure the people that have liked your page are staying engaged with your content.

Some reasons for bad engagement: a content calendar that isn’t speaking to your fans or perhaps the brand needs an influx of new fans that are genuinely interested in what the page is posting (make sure to check your Page’s demographics to see the makeup).

Reach for the Sky
I’ve worked with clients that are obsessed with “reach,” which measures how many eyeballs saw a post.  Though “reach” is important as you can see exactly how far-reaching a post can go, it’s not the end-all/be-all metric used by social marketers. The main reason is because it doesn’t tell the complete story.

“Reach” tells us how many people may have seen your post in their News Feed… but that might not be enough. With the oversaturation of content in people’s News Feeds, you won’t really know how your brand’s posts are actually performing when it comes to real interactions or engagement.

Celebrating a post that has a huge reach would be like 20th Century Fox popping a celebratory champagne bottle because the next Star Wars flick will be shown at over 4,000 theatres.  Though important, the real measure of success for most movie studios is box office performance, not theatre count or “reach.”

The success of Facebook posts need to be measured by Engagement while taking the Reach into account.

Know your Audience
So how do you improve your engagement? You need to learn more about your fans. When are they online? What sort of content do they like responding to? What doesn’t work as well? Experimenting and tweaking your content calendar will help you maximize your reach so your engagement numbers can sit pretty.