Social Media

With 79.6% of Marketers increasing their Digital spend in 2016 and 61.2% increasing spend on social marketing specifically, now is the time for retailers to be innovative with integrated retail and digital campaigns. Social media continues to offer significant growth opportunities for those who take a strategic approach and build an aligned brand story both online and in-store.

In our last post we gave 5 Tips for Retail Merchandising Design. But living your brand and bringing the brand to life requires a strategic approach both online and offline. In this post we share insight on how e-commerce and social media play a role in retail results.


In recent research from PricewaterhouseCoopers, 55% of respondents said they had browsed in store but decided to purchase online. For various reasons, consumers found the purchase process more convenient online but still wanted to experience the product first-hand in store. A comprehensive and brand specific e-commerce platform is one way to create a full retail experience and capture the market of those consumers who prefer to purchase online.

Social Consumption & Social Decision Making

Key demographics are increasing time on social platforms year-over-year, consuming more data online and making purchasing decisions based on what others in their communities discuss. This is especially true for Millennials who dine, shop and travel in groups. Those born between 1980 and 2000 are visual and vocal about what they do offline with their communities online.

For many top brands, a creative social media campaign is a successful driver of retail growth. Brands should engage with audiences online and can often be more quirky and personable with hashtags, infographics and videos. Whether the tone of the content is professional or fun, online content that is shareable and clickable proves to drive retail traffic more than any other online channel, and the role of social media in retail growth is only forecasted to increase.

Integrated campaigns, which bring the brand to life across platforms, have proven to drive retail traffic and sales results at the check-out. In our experience, brands that use creative multimedia to ignite and engage with online communities increasingly drive more traffic to e-commerce platforms or in-store retail checkouts. With more and more top brands increasing digital spending, we expect to see some truly innovative digital and retail campaigns.